Help Your Plants Thrive

Schedule mulch installation services in Dryden, Ithaca or Groton, NY

Do you struggle to keep your plants alive? Add vital nutrients into your soil with high-quality mulch. If you live in Dryden, Ithaca or Groton, NY, turn to Land Maintenance Systems Inc. for professional mulching services.

We use premium materials to help you get the healthiest yard possible. Set up an appointment for our mulching services today to see the difference for yourself.

Mulch is a major factor in how your landscape looks throughout the year. Top-notch mulch, like the products used by our team, can:

  • Provide vital nutrients
  • Retain moisture to keep your plants hydrated
  • Insulate your soil to keep roots cool in the summer
  • Break up clay to allow for better water and air circulation
Trust us to provide the right mulch for your yard and handle all the dirty work. Reach out to our team today to get professional mulching services.